Barbara Cavalletti: Module Coordinator. Associate professor of Public Finance at the University of Genova, she has been teaching Environmental Economics since 1995 both at undergraduate and graduate level within the School of Economics and the School of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science. Since 2008, she has been a full member of various PhD Programmes in Economics and Public Finance both at the University of Pavia and at the University of Genova; she has been supervising several PhD Thesis and has been member of PhD Defence Committees. Since 1988, she has been member of various research teams within different research projects financed both at national and international level and scientific supervisor of 3 European project on environmental valuation and accounting and biodiversity conservation. 

Corrado Lagazio: Associate professor of Statistics at the University of Genova and previously Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Udine. He has significant experience as director of national research projects and as a member of various research teams of national and international research projects. His teaching experience includes the currently held courses of Statistics (Bachelor level) and Statistical models (Master level) and teaching positions in European training programmes. His main areas of expertise include statistical methods for ecological analysis, models for disease mapping, analysis of health effects of putative sources of pollution. His research experience and publication history on important journals in the relevant sectors ensures a high-quality level of the course.

Paola Ramassa: Associate professor of Accounting with research and teaching experience in: academic teaching (undergraduate, PhD, and MBA), professional training, post-graduate supervision and examination, participation in international and national research programs. Scientific director of research projects funded by private companies and audit firms; reviewer for several academic journals; member of international and national accounting academic associations, member of the editorial board of “Financial Reporting” (peer-reviewed journal). Academic publications including, among others, 16 articles in peer-reviewed journals; 15 book chapters; 1 book.


Paolo Vassallo: Fixed-term assistant professor in ecology from 2013 at the Department for Earth, Environment and Life Sciences of the University of Genova where he holds the chairs of Coastal Zone Management and Evaluation and management of the Environment. He works in the fields of sustainability science, environmental accounting, ecological economics, system ecology, ecological modelling, spatial decision support systems, ecology and computer sciences since 2004. He worked on both natural systems and anthropic influence on natural integrity, but he also developed management systems to minimize environmental impacts from human activities He produced more than 40 international scientific publications and participated to more than 40 international scientific conferences and he is involved in several European projects.

Alessandra La Notte: Researcher for the European Commission Join Research Centre for the activities on Integrated systems for Natural Capital Accounting (INCA) project. She has a strong background in environmental accounting, both from a theoretical and an empirical standpoint, that she exploited both as an academic and a professional: she worked as a researcher for the University of Torino and Venice and as a consultant for the Department of Agriculture (Autonomous Province of Trento), ISPRA and private businesses. She also taught courses in Environmental Accounting and Public Economics for almost 10 years. Her work is cited as a scientific contribution in the Second Report on Natural Capital in Italy, the reference for ecosystem accounting in Italy.

Grammenos Mastrojeni:  Coordinator for the Environment in Development Cooperation and Head of the Science-Policy Interface, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (2014 – ongoing). He heads Italian delegations on water and land degradation and is a member of negotiating teams on climate, oceans, biodiversity and other environmental issues dealt with by the United Nations. Head of the Italian Delegation to UNCCD negotiations, elected EU/WEOG Representative in UNCCD CoP Bureau, Vice President and General Rapporteur of UNCCD CoP 12 (Mandate, October 2015-October 2017). Member of the Delegations to UNFCCC, UNCBD and other environment related European and multilateral processes (OCSE Environet, World Bank Safeguards, ECOSOC High Level Political Forum, UN Samoa Pathway for SIDS, EU WPEI, among others). Member of the Board of the MA in Development at the Milan Institute of Technology (Politecnico); Scientific Advisor for the Environment at the Solidarity Initiatives Centre of Milan Catholic University. Regularly holds lectures and workshops at several public and private institutions (ICCROM-UNESCO, Council of Europe, Italian Joint Staffs Defence College, FIAT, various universities among others). 

Daniela Minetti: Regional official in the Parks and Biodiversity Department since 1998 with a break from 2009-15 in which she was director at the Regional Agency for Environmental Protecton in Liguria (ARPAL). She has a background in Natural sciences and organised more than 30 workshops and events on environmental themes such as biodiversity conservation, circular economy, sustainable development. She worked as a contract professor for DISTAV between 2011 and 2014 and for DIEC in 2011. She coordinated 9 European projects since 2000. Her expertise includes environmental impact assessment, technical and juridical knowledge on EU policies on the environment, governance techniques for biodiversity conservation and strategic tools for European policies implementation. 

Elena Lagomarsino: postdoc researcher at UNIGE, she holds a PhD in Public Economic and Finance from UNIGE and a Master of Science in Economics from Edinburgh University. Her research interests include, among others, environmental economics and ecosystem accounting and valuation. She is a member of the scientific team behind the EU projects GIREPAM, BIODIVALP, CAMBIO VIA and she participated to the EAMPA project on the environmental accounting of Italian Marine Protected Areas. She published several papers on international scientific journals.

Costanza Di Fabio: postdoc researcher at UNIGE, she is a member of the scientific team behind the EU projects BIODIVALP, CAMBIO VIA, and GIREPAM and she participated to the EAMPA project on the environmental accounting of Italian Marine Protected Areas. Her research interests include environmental accounting e international financial accounting. She is experienced in teaching to students with different academic backgrounds.

Renato Paniccià: Manager in charge of the research area Intersectoral Analysis, Environment and Energy. He is responsible for developing cross-cutting tools for input-output and SAM research. He deals with analysis of regional intersectoral growth and interrelationships with the environment and energy. To this end, it is responsible for the development of integrated environmental and energy input-output models for the Tuscany region. 

Sandra Notaro: Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento (Italy). She holds the chairs of Economic evaluation of environmental goods (PhD), Stated preference methods for consumers’ preferences investigations, Sustainable Natural Resources Management (Master). She is an environmental economist with expertise in non-market valuation (Discrete Choice Experiments and Contingent Valuation). Her research interest extends from resource and environmental economics to forest economics, agricultural and food economics. She produced more than 70 international and national scientific publications. She was involved in European FAIR, LIFE and COST Projects, also as member of the Management Committee. She was also participated to several national and local projects. 

Silvia FerriniSilvia joined the University of Siena as Lecturer in Economics (with tenure from 2012). In July 2007 joined CSERGE as a Senior Research Associate. She is an applied economist (MSc Environmental Economics, University of Siena -Italy; PhD Applied Statistics, University of Florence, Italy) who worked for valuing water quality improvements under the Aquamoney (EU-F6) and the ChREAM project. Her main task was modelling consumer preference data using different evaluation methods. She was also involved in a research project aimed at valuing environmental related risks through the value of statistical life index. In 2009 In March 2012, Silvia was in sabbatical leave and joined again CSERGE for working at the UK-NEA II and Natural Capital Committee projects.